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Access up to a $200 cash advance to prevent overdraft.
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Get a quick cash advance today, and then pay us back when you have enough money.

No interest and no fees

We're serious - there are no surprises with our cash advances. Just tip us, like a waiter, if we helped. It helps us keep this service going so people don't resort to scummy payday lenders.

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Our only interest is your best interest

Our mission at Bree is to help Canadians like you move towards financial wellness. Through our budgeting tool and a weekly newsletter, we want you to take charge of your finances.

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We’re here to help

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No Fees

Get overdraft protection with no mandatory fees or interest payments.

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No fixed terms. Pay us back when you are paid next, not when you can't.

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Choose what you pay

With Bree, there are no mandatory fees or interest payments when you apply for a cash advance. You choose what you want to tip. This is a radical change from payday lenders that keep you trapped in debt

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Pay it forward

The world is a better place when we help each other out. By tipping a little extra when you can, you help keep Bree running for everyone going through hard times

What our users are saying

“Bree is a lifesaver. We used to go to payday lenders when unexpected bills came up before a paycheck. Unlike getting a payday loan, Bree's cash advance is free and has no hidden fees. “


“I’m thankful for Bree. We struggled paycheck to paycheck. I am thankful for this service because it saved us from our water being shut off.


“Definitely comes in handy when you're a few dollars short. I was about to overdraft my account but thanks to Bree now I don’t have to pay those annoying fees. Thanks Bree!”


"If I had to describe Bree in one word, it would be 'relief'. The times when an unexpected bill turns up, I know I can count on the hassle-free and low fee service from Bree. I would describe their Customer Support to be compassionate and easy-going. Thank you Bree for helping me avoid NSF fees from my bank by providing me with the funds anytime I need it."


"Bree’s minimal requirements make the application process very easy to get some quick cash for anything that I may need at the time. The simplicity of their registration process is hassle-free by just connecting your bank account and card, unlike other lenders where they may require you to provide documents. On top of their interest-free advances and no credit checks, Bree’s service is friendly and I would highly recommend it!"