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Access up to $100 to prevent overdraft. No interest or fees.

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Pay us back when you get paid

Get a small advance today, and then pay us back when you have enough money.

No interest and no fees

We're serious, no interest and no fees. Just tip us, like a waiter, if we helped. It helps us keep this service going so people don't resort to scummy payday lenders.

Our only interest is your best interest

Our mission at Bree is to help Canadians like you move towards financial wellness. Through our budgeting tool and a weekly newsletter, we want you to take charge of your finances.

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Benefits of joining the Bree family


Overdraft protection with no interest and no fees

Tools to manage your budget, save money and understand your spending

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A weekly newsletter on how to make better financial decisions


Bree is Community-Supported

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Choose What You Pay

With Bree, there are no mandatory fees or interest payments. You choose what you want to tip. This is a radical change from payday lenders that keep you trapped in debt

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Pay It Forward

The world is a better place when we help each other out. By tipping a little extra when you can, you help keep Bree running for everyone going through hard times

What People Are Saying

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“Bree is a lifesaver. We used to go to payday lenders when unexpected bills came up before a paycheck. Unlike getting a payday loan, Bree is free and has no hidden fees. I was shocked that this service exists. Keep in mind that they survive off of tips, so make sure to pay it forward when you can to keep this awesome service going!”

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“Definitely comes in handy when you're a few dollars short. I was about to overdraft my account but thanks to Bree now I don’t have to pay those annoying fees. Thanks Bree!”



“Bree completely helped me in a pinch. My husband had limited funds due to being in school and I was at a very low paying job at the time. My car broke down and although we had enough money for our regular bills and emergency money, an extra bill really threw us off. With Bree, I was able to access MY OWN MONEY to help with the cost. Bree isn’t a loan, it just gives you access to your hard earned money sooner. ”

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“I’m thankful for Bree. We struggled paycheck to paycheck. I am thankful for this service because it saved us from our water being shut off. Thankfully I got a better job and we no longer struggle like we used too.”