Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bree work?

If you need cash fast, we’ll advance you up to $350 at 0% interest! No credit check required. Tips are optional but they do help us provide services to other Bree members. So, if Bree helped you out with an advance, show her some love!

What's the catch?

There isn’t one! Need someone to spot you for a bill? Bree can spot you one advance at a time. Users get up to $350 delivered into their checking account in just a couple of days or even hours (for a small fee if you choose our express option).

Getting an advance doesn’t impact your credit and there are no late fees or penalties (we’re friends, remember!).

How do I get approved for an advance?

Need an advance to help protect you from potential overdraft fees? Bree can help! First, sign up here. We'll verify that:

  1. You have connected your checking account to Bree
  2. Your employer deposits your income into your checking account on consistent dates
  3. You’ll have enough funds after your next paycheck to pay Bree back

To do this, we look at the last two months of transactions in your checking account to confirm your income.

Next, check that you have your paychecks set up as direct deposits and that your transaction history shows at least two paychecks on consistent dates (ex. getting paid on the 15th and the last day of the month).

Lastly, we want to make sure you’ll be left with sufficient funds after paying Bree back after your next paycheck.

Bree is here to combat overdraft fees, but we also want to make sure that customers never fall into debt as a result of getting an advance.

That's why one of the things that Bree checks for is how much money you keep in your account after getting paid. Try and keep a sufficient balance in your account to pay all your bills after paying back your advance. This lets Bree system know there's no risk of overdrafting.

How do advances work?

If you are eligible, the Advance Service allows you to receive free advances to help you cover upcoming expenses. You can request an advance through your dashboard. An advance will only be sent to you if you request one or affirmatively choose to receive an advance when offered.

There are no costs for access to the Advance Service and any advance you choose to receive is free. However, you may be given the option to expedite the delivery of an advance for a fee. You may also be asked if you would like to provide Bree with a voluntary tip in appreciation of the Advance Service. Both the option to expedite delivery and tipping is entirely voluntary and neither affect your eligibility for advances in any way. Please refer to Bree’s Terms of Use for additional details, as well as any optional fees for expedited delivery of advances.

How to request an advance (step-by-step)
  1. Click on the "Join Bree" button in the top right corner of our site
  2. Create an account
  3. Join Bree and verify your banking details so we have all the information we need from you
  4. Confirm your payback date
  5. Choose your delivery option (free standard delivery in up to 3 business days or express delivery in less than 5 minutes for a small fee)
  6. Submit your application. Once you're approved, we'll send the cash directly to your bank account!
How does tipping work?

Bree lives off of tips, kind of like a waiter. So, while tipping is optional, it’s greatly appreciated!

Tips allow us to help people without charging the insane interest rates of most banks. Bree charges 0% interest. Compare that to the 3,250% APR your bank charges for overdraft fees!

When will I get my advance?

When you request your advance in the app, you'll see two delivery options:


Free! Standard advances take up to 3 business days (example: an advance requested on Friday arrives the following Wednesday)


Small Fee and arrives within 5 minutes!

Heads up! Once your advance has been confirmed, we're unable to change your delivery speed.

Standard advances will be delivered into your checking account and Express advances will be delivered to your connected debit card. BAM – money. How easy is that?

Do advances impact my credit?

Using Bree won't have any impact on your credit score, positive or negative.

We also don't do a credit pull, not even a soft one. The information you provide is only used to verify your identity. So, your credit is completely unaffected.

How do I contact Bree?

Need to talk to someone? No worries, we're happy to help! Contact us via email at and a friend from customer service should get back to you within 24 hours.

This sounds too good to be true!

Great! That's how we like it. But honestly, there's no catch.

The fact is, people are so tired of being taken advantage of by banks that we're able to support our business almost entirely off of user donations. That's right - tipping Bree allows us to provide 0% interest advances to you and the whole Bree community.

​What extra steps do you take to protect my account?

Here at Bree, we are so serious about your security that we go above and beyond the standard practices to keep you and your data safe.

  • Our access to your accounts is read-only (we cannot overwrite or modify your data) and we use 2048-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site. Your password, social insurance number, and other sensitive data are all encrypted.
  • We do not store your online banking credentials and never will. Your banking credentials are only used once to authenticate and verify that the account you provide belongs to you.
  • Our data centre is monitored 24/7 by security personnel. We enlist independent, third-party experts in the field of application security to assess our site for vulnerabilities and confirm and validate the security of our site.
  • We use firewalls and undertake other security precautions for extra protection.

Still have a Question?

Feel free to contact us using the button below and we'd be happy to answer any other questions you have.